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Model Base Callisto Features

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Note: This page discusses topics related to the 2006 Callisto Simultaneous Release. Most of the Callisto pages are deprecated. You are urged to find current information on pages related to the 2007 effort, currently named the Europa Simultaneous Release.

The following features are committed for Model Base Callisto:

JUnit Tests

<PMC>Add JUnit tests to SQL Dev</PMC>


  • Refresh DTP models for changes made in WTP/rdb
    • Dates: 4/24 -- 5/01
    • Impacts: Unknown

<PMC>Must determine downstream impacts before delivering this work.</PMC>

WTP Parity

  • Support for new vendor docs:
    • SQL Server 2005
    • Sybase ASE 15
    • DB2 V9
    • Informix 10
    • Dates: 4/24 -- 5/01
    • Impacts: None

<PMC>For inclusion in planned "enablement" module.</PMC>

The following features are under consideration for Model Base Callisto:

1. Export table under schema to EMF(OO definition).
2. Import EMF(OO definition) to Database Model.

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