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MoDisco/New and Noteworthy/2020-03

Eclipse MoDisco New and Noteworthy items for the 2020-03 (1.5.1) release.

Release Overview

Minor bug fixes

Milestone 1 (not published)

A longstanding inhibition to the UML functionality is fixed, however some functionality is still pre-UML 2.5. Use MoDisco's UML functionality only with extreme caution. See 559115 where it was concluded that UML2 functionality is so broken that amputation is the only life-support option. The 1.5.1M1 build was therefore not contributed the Simulataneous Release.

  • 559016 The KDM to UML discovery works again (? after 7 years) and tests pass.

Milestone 2

Mindless amputation of UML2 and BIRT was considered too risky, so only the UI that requires the broken KDMtoUML.atl transformation is commented out.

  • 559006 The KDM to UML discovery UI is suppressed.
  • 559115 UML discovery direct from project works again.

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