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  • Gabriel Barbier
  • Nicolas Bros
  • Hugo Brunelière
  • Grégoire Dupé
  • Fabien Giquel
  • Frédéric Madiot


MoDisco move to MDT
  • Actions
    • Hugo
      • ASAP: provide query for modeling.gmt CQs related to modisco
      • ASAP: provide query for modeling.gmt.modisco CQs
      • ASAP: 3868 status (new ??)
      • bugzilla : verify modisco flag of non mia-software external contributions
    • Frédéric Madiot
      • ASAP: ask Kenn for new target milestones prefixed with release number
    • Frédéric Jouault
      • ASAP: approve CQ 3846
    • Nicolas Bros
      • change builds and update sites
    • Modisco team
      • update
      • creation with xtext template :
    • webmaster
      • Project ID move
      • Modisco Bugs product change from GMT to MDT
      • Creation of dedicated mailing list
      • Give rights to builds and update site
      • Give rights to website : homepage,
  • maintain BASH scripts for Helios
  • migrate releng to Buckminster after Helios
  • Grégoire Dupé
    • move polimi examples into incubation
  • Hugo
    • contact MOMOCS team to fix their contribution (polimi)
  • Grégoire
    • contact Guillaume about dependency analysis tool
    • remove unecessary EMF test code

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