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MOMOCS Transformation Tool

The MoDisco MOMOCS Transformation Tool is aiding the evolution of a To Be Modernized System (TBMS) model into a Modernized System (MS) model by following the Xirup methodology.

Its main characteristics are:

  • Advanced editing
  • Embedded transformations and resources to foster the modernization on the Xirup metamodel
  • Transformation patterns for reusable transformations
  • Transformation chains
  • Eclipse-integrated interactive tutorials including advanced transformations
  • Metrics generation

The contribution is composed of a set of Eclipse plug-ins that heavily extend and improve functionalities from ATLAS ATL and target them to the Xirup metamodel.

The XSM Transformation Tool is an environment where MOMOCS transformations are created, modified and executed. It consists of six main components:

  • Editing is for creating or customizing transformations by means of special-targeted views like the Xirup Rule Designer and ATL Operations or key-bind activated syntax templates.
  • ATL4Xirup is a set of wizards providing fundamental resources for MOMOCS transformations. It also gives the possibility to select among a set of Transformation Patterns which are highly reusable transformations defined for common modernization situations. Transformation Chain is for the automatic creation of chain scripts (defined in Ant) that are used to execute a sequence of transformations where the output of a transformation is the input of the immediately following one.
  • Cheat Sheets is for providing users with a set of interactive tutorial totally integrated in Eclipse. These tutorials also contain a set of advanced example transformations for UML2Xirup, Xirup2UML and model querying.
  • Context Actions includes a set of useful functionalities defined for some Eclipse resources such Project, Ecore and Xsm files.
  • Metrics creation from Xsm models is an example.
  • Online Help is the XSM Transformation Tool voice inside the Eclipse Online Help

MoDisco MOMOCS TTScreenshot.jpg


A more detailed description of the MoDisco MOMOCS Transformation Tool is available from the MOMOCS website.


The MoDisco version of the MOMOCS Transformation Tool plug-in is available from the MoDisco SVN.

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