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MOMOCS Metamodel and Simple Editor

The MODISCO MOMOCS Simple Editor is aiming to aid the evolution of complex systems.

Its main Characteristics are:

  • Component-oriented
  • Complexity Handling
  • Focus on the architecture
  • Supports vertical & horizontal system decomposition
  • Integration with KDM (OMG) in progress

The metamodel is encoded using EMF. This allows different vendors to easily create a tightly coupled IDE for modernizing existing applications. Some proof-of-concepts eclipse plug-ins are also provided, with the purpose to show the possibility to harvest the architectural structure of existing systems, and produce an XSM model of the to-be-modernized system.

The contribution is composed of:

  • The EMF-based XSM metamodel and corresponding simple editor allowing the end-user to interact with metamodel elements both for visualizing it and for manually transforming it
  • A J2EE model discoverer: analyzing the source artifacts of a Java 2 Enterprise Edition system, this tool is able to harvest its architectural structure, and produce the corresponding XSM model of the system.

MoDisco MOMOCS SimpleEditor-screenshot.jpg


Installation User Guide

A more detailed description of the MoDisco MOMOCS metamodel and simple editor is on MOMOCS website.


The Modisco version of the MOMOCS metamodel and simple editor plug-in is available from the MoDisco SVN:

General Information

  • September 2009
  • By Matteo Miraz, Dipartimento di Elettronica e Informazione, Politecnico di Milano
  • Please, ask your questions on the MoDisco forum

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