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Minutes of the JEE 5 Working Group meeting Mar 22, 2007

Teleconference on JEE 5 Support in WTP Mar 22, 2007


  • Naci Dai - Eteration
  • Neil Hauge - Oracle
  • Dave Gorton - BEA
  • Rob Frost - BEA


  • Review Priorities



Meeting was very short due to incorrect call info therefore low attendance.

Only a few managed to find their ways to the call. We went over the JEE5 scenarios for WTP2.0. These use cases will be posted on the wiki. With only few weeks of development time remaining for the M6 we should really focus our efforts.

At this point I believe our priorities are (in the order of importance): 1) Runtime support for JEE5 modules - If we have a JEE5 module (Web 2.5/EJB3/EAR) we should be able to run it on servers (Tomcat/Geronimo/Glassfish). Having the server adapters ready to support these modules will also be important, especially for EJB3 and EAR5.

2) JEE 5 Model extensibility - This issue has been addressed by Chuck.

3) Editing and Tools support: I do not believe our editors(and tools like wizards etc.) will be ready to have full JEE5 support by 2.0. This should be a post 2.0 task.

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