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Minutes of the JEE 5 Working Group meeting Jan 25, 2007

Teleconference on JEE 5 Support in WTP Jan 25, 2007


  • Naci Dai - Eteration
  • Karen Moore- Oracle
  • Paul Andersen-IBM
  • Dave Gorton-BEA
  • Rob Frost -BEA
  • Kaloyan Raev - SAP
  • Hristo Sabev - SAP
  • Chuck Bridgham - IBM
  • Neil Hauge - Oracle
  • Paul Fullbright - Oracle


  • Feedback on JEE 5 Facets and Projects Bugs[167101]
  • Comments and feedback on JEE 5 Model Design Doc Bugs[167807]
  • Other items


  • CB - Will prepare a proposal for the extensibility of Factories
  • ND- Invite Server and Facet component leads for JEE5 support


  • ND: Chuck and the team has committed changes to WTP 2.0 stream including JEE5 facets and projects. We need some feedback whether these would satisfy adopter requirements. Can we hear from SAP and Oracle about their comments?
  • KR: We have tried it and provided our comment to the bug 167101.
  • CB: Most of these problems are due to discriminating different versions of the specs. Current system is file based- We do not want to alter factories but create new factories when the models are activated and APIs are called. This become a problem because current code (Factories?) does not handle versions well. Not much has changed in the last week. We will open separate bugs for each of the reported problems in 167101
  • KR: So can we create new factories and you will have extension points to register new versions?
  • CB: That is right - Set a goal for next week to prepare a proposal for it. We will continue to work on bugs. We will commit fixes for some of them - Our current focus is 1.5.3 but we will try.
  • KR- I saw that you have submitted fixes for some of our bugs for 1.5.3, we will review them.
  • CB- I saw some comments thanks
  • CB- We are working on JEE 5 support for servlets and other modules by next week.
  • ND- Another important part of the JEE5 support agenda is Modules & Runtime support for new JEE5 facets. Oracle and JBoss mentioned potential contributions during earlier calls. I will invite Runtime and Facet leads to discuss these next week. We will need to comment on Server support for JEE 5 spec and also need to discuss the issue that was commented by JBoss last week. Can we have EJB 3 facets in a web project?
  • HS- I have a specific question for Chuck for model extensibility. I tried to understand the model edit but I cannot find documentation.
  • CB- It is not EMF Edit, we have some docs at the webtools site I can send. This code is not API and is not well documented. J2EE modules and plugins should give you an idea. I will email some specific references.
  • HS- Do you work on interfaces, or will you just start creating new Interfaces
  • CB: We will generate them from XSD, we are already annotating the XSD for model generation. But generated code will not depend on EMF. We are not ready contribute but we are working on it. There will not be too many changes, but new pack names and new attributes and classes. We will also publish annotated XSDs
  • HS- What is the expected date
  • CB-Soon but do not know it yet...
  • NH: We also tested jee5 and found similar things, SO ı DİD NOT REPORT THEM.
  • ND:- Thank you for attending this call. We will meet again next week


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