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Minutes of the JEE 5 Working Group meeting Feb 22, 2007

Teleconference on JEE 5 Support in WTP Feb 01, 2007


  • Naci Dai - Eteration
  • Rob Stryker - JBoss
  • Rob Frost -BEA
  • Neil Hauge - Oracle
  • Kaloyan Raev - SAP
  • Shaun Smith - Oracle


  • Progress of M5
  • Mulrtiple facet per project



  • ND: This is a short meeting to report progress and status of issues from last meeting.

- M5 Progress for JEE 5 and EJB3 related defects

   Chuck and his team has provided extensibility design for JEE5 models.  Please track thhem under the following bugs.
   SAP team is testing them and providing feedback.
   the discussion are available in:

- Summary of Multiple-facets /project

   After much deliberation.  We do not find enough justification start the multiple modules per project discussion
   the discussion are available in:


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