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Minutes of the JEE 5 Working Group meeting Feb 01, 2007

Teleconference on JEE 5 Support in WTP Feb 01, 2007


  • Naci Dai - Eteration
  • Chuck Bridgham - IBM
  • Tim DeBoer - IBM
  • Larry Isaacs - SAS
  • Marshall Cul. - JBoss
  • Rob Stryker - JBoss
  • Rob Frost -BEA
  • Neil Hauge - Oracle
  • Kaloyan Raev - SAP
  • Shaun Smith - Oracle
  • Kosta Kommisarchik - BEA


  • Server Runtime Support for JEE5 (Tim DeBoer)
  • Multiple Facets/Modules/Servers (Konstantin Komissarchik)


  • Proposal for the design/Registering of factories (Chuck)


  • TD: There are three topics of dicussion for JEE5 support for server runtimes: Servers, Framework and Multiple modules. For framework little needs to be done, i.e. add module types. Server adapters only need to say they have support and it should work. There are no server JEE5 adapters in WTP. Oracle has one in 1.5 version that says it supports JEE5 it but we do not know. Larry is * working on Tomcat 6.
  • LI: It should be functional, I have included 2.5 facet, I have a patch ready to go for Tomcat 6.
  • CB: We just put that in last night.
  • LI: It supports Web facets only, and it can be easily be done. Once we declare 2.0
  • TD: We can start putting it in.
  • ND: Who maintains adapters for Oracle 1.5? We should ask them to patch it for 2.0.
  • NH: The support is there for JPA guys
  • TD: I don't know who else would support EE5.
  • CB: I have a question, I played around to see adapter factories and facet versions. Filtering works but it seems that factories still can pick newer versions. On the ear project it still asks for its modules. Version 5 filering should stop it from being invoked.
  • TD: It sounds like a bug. There is an API that says give me the module. But if it goes beyond than it should be a bug.
  • CB: To follow it up. I am trying to make old module factories and provide new ones for EE5. That is not in the build yet.
  • TD: I am also making some changes to module factory. We can hookup. In the extension point if you define right modules and version and your factory does not(? have to?).
  • ND: It would be good to get feedback for these features by M5 (
  • ND: There is the request by JBoss to do EJB3 facets in a web module.
  • RS: Our users (JBoss) do not want split them to different projects
  • KK: Is this an arbitrary structure request, or like JPA support in a web project. There is a lot of history behind multiple mdoules in a project. Correct me if I am wrong. EJB3 still needs to be packed as a JAR. Multiple modules in a project goes against the platform. We did not want to do it in WTP. Projects are eclipse, modules are for JavaEE. We have opened request for the platform
  • MC: In response to what you are saying, a single project can have multiple classpaths. Is this problem is the only problem?
  • KK: There are other problems such as builders per/project per/module. It is the level granularity.
  • MC: If I remember there was one.
  • CB: We had it before, but it forced people to use WTP APIs, not Eclipse...
  • RS: Our biggest use case is SEAM project, JSF, JPA and EJB3
  • KK: This sounds like a new module type... We did not want to build against eclipse.
  • MC: We should make the case to platform
  • KK: I will find the bugzilla item for this.
  • CB: Maybe the solution is partition the facets and modules- You can define a new module type.
  • ND: A module type with facets: Maybe we can refactor facets to module coupling
  • KK: There is one direction we can go to what is a web.facet, what does it do, + web artifact editing (web.xml). Probably that does not make it easier than having multiple modules.
  • ND: It seems we should continue this discussion with bugzilla to track the comments.


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