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Minutes g-Eclipse 20070509

Attendees: Ariel, Christof, George, Jie, Kasia, Manfred, Mariusz, Markus, Mateusz, Mathias, Nicholas, Sylva, Yifan (FZK), Zhuoyao (FZK)

this and that

  • Mathias reported that the discussions about the workflow integration started and will be continued after the OGF.
  • Sylva mentioned that it is not possible to send new plugins as a patch to a committer. It was agreed that new plugins will be exported and will be attached to a bugzilla entry. Markus will write a description of the procedure.
  • We already moved to Europa. No big problems were encountered up to now.
  • Mateusz mentioned that it is not as easy as expected to remove the gExplorer from the project since other UI components make use of the gExplorer. He will try to completely remove it until next week’s meeting.
  • It was mentioned by Markus that the integration of the test procedures and available metrics into the nightly build process is by far more important than the definition of new metrics. So we will go with the metrics we already have and will start to implement a first prototype of 'nightly tests and metrics'.
  • The 3.3 target seems to work without any problems. It was discussed if it is a good idea to check the target in out CVS repository since when committing a new version just a new full copy of the target will be created. But this seems to be no problem at all so we go with this.
  • Nicholas has scheduled a dedicated VRVS meeting for JSDL discussions on Monday, 14th of May at 14pm CEST.
  • The OGF meeting is currently running and our people are there to represent and demonstrate g-Eclipse to the public. Therefore Markus made a video showing some key use cases of g-Eclipse. This video can be downloaded with g-Eclipse via GridFTP from the hydra server. The video is located in the g-Eclipse directory (another version is available from the Eclipse download mirrors - link is available on the g-Eclipse web pages)

Technical discussion

  • Mateusz started a discussion about the dependencies of the EFS plugins (GridFTP and SRM). As they are currently implemented they both depend on eu.geclipse.core and eu.geclipse.grid. Mateusz mentioned that it would be nice to have them independent from any other g-Eclipse plugin since then it would be easier for others to use these two EFS extensions. That would mean to decouple these plugins from the authentication mechanism of g-Eclipse. It is not yet clear if this is possible. So currently this will stay a nice-to-have and Mateusz will have a look into it if he has some spare time.
  • Mariusz showed his properties from the Eclipse properties view. This seems to work quite well and many Grid elements are already included in the properties mechanism. Mathias had the request to show also properties of remote elements such as mounted files and/or directories. Such properties could be the size of a file or access policies. Mateusz will give Mariusz some hints how to deal with these remote properties. Furthermore Marius showed the Job Details View that works both for globus and gLite jobs. What is still missing is the status of a job.
  • Ariel demonstrated the frontend of the nightly build service. The service is up and running and is currently producing a build every night at 7am. It was discussed if it makes sense to also automate the builds of the pre-releases and releases and to afterwards copy these builds automatically to the appropriate update sites. This discussion will be continued within WP 1. 08:13, 10 May 2007 (EDT)

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