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Minutes from Meeting of September 6th 10:00 - 11:00 (BST)

In Attendance

  • Adrian Skehill (IONA)
  • Andrea Zoppello (Engineering)
  • Stéphane Drapeau (Obeo)
  • Oisin Hurley (IONA)
  • Adrian Mos (INRIA)
  • Johnson Ma (IONA)
  • Jonathan Huang (IONA)
  • Denny Xu (IONA)

Meeting Summary

Meeting opened with Adrian S. yet again, nominated to take minutes.

Adrian Mos outlined the discussion that took place during the week on the Hybrid Model. We've had a lot of good feedback on the model structure and right now the final phase of the model design is happening. The areas that are being focused on are the elimination of duplication within the model. Andrea outline some other adjustments to the model such as the definition of properties at the base class and these can be inherited. Andrea alos explained that he will also be looking at integrating the BPMN component with the Hybrid Model and thus into code generation.

Another discussion is planned for September 6th at 1PM BST for anybody interested. Dial in details as per planning meeting page.

Adrian Skehill outlined that it would be best to get the model design finalized as soon as possible to that we can create an IPZilla entry for it to let the eclipse legal team verify that it can be committed. What will happen is that an IPZilla entry is filed at [2] and the ecore file will be attached. This must be the version that will ultimately be committed to the cvs repository. When the eclipse legal team have review and approved the ecore, we can then bring in the model to the STP. Additional work is taking place at the STP PMC level to figure out the best strategy for integration of the model, whether it's to come in as an incubator or as its own subproject. Adrian also outlined that once the IPZilla entry is submitted to eclipse, no further changes will be permitted until it's committed to the CVS repository.

Denny outlined the changes he has made to the STP eclipse website, and all our pages now comply to the eclipse look and feel. He will shortly commence working on the proposed changes to the front page.

Adrian S. explained that he had spent some time during the week looking at Buckminster and a possible migration to SVN. He explained that he had ran into some problems with using Buckminster to build the STP and had mailed the buckminster team to get some advise. Oisin pointed out that before we plan to move away from CVS that we bring this up on the stp-dev alias. Adrian agreed to follow up on this action.

On the topic of the upcoming Eclipse Summit, Adrian explained he is doing the presentation and would like to get input from the other sub-project leads and those currently involved with the STP for material they would like to see presented. It's a one hour slot roughly 35 mins allocated to power point slides and 20 mins to a demo of the STP in action. Any inputs / contributions gladly accepted.

Johnson brought up the issue of the stp-commit mail alias not working. Oisin agreed to look into this and will mail the eclipse web master. Johnson also brought up the issue of stp-users mail list and stp newsgroups and was going to investigate a bridge between the two. Oisin explained that newsgroup would probably be the preferred means of getting questions into the STP. On the topic of cruisecontrol running on eclipse foundation machines, Johnson agreed to look into it as he had already done some work within IONA on establishing an internal cruisecontrol for the STP.

Meeting closed.


New Actions

  1. "Johnson to setup cruise control"

Remaining issues from previous meetings

  1. "Adrian S. to produce proposal on Buckminster / SVN Migration"
  2. "Oisin to identify incubation process"
  3. "Oisin to discuss status of STP Core with PMC"

Closed from previous meetings

  1. "Oisin to send on link to stp-dev on Swordfish"
  2. "Adrian M. to send on samples for hybrid model"
  3. "Adrian S. to triage open bugs and publish list"
  4. "David B. to produce documentation on the Policy Editor"
  5. "Oisin & Adrian to produce proposal on STP Web site structure"
  6. "Jonathan to get Tusccany API jars into IPZilla"




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