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Minutes from Meeting of August 23rd 10:00 - 11:00 (BST)

In Attendance

  • Adrian Skehill (IONA)
  • Oisin Hurley (IONA)
  • David Bosschaert (IONA)
  • Adrian Mos (INRIA)
  • Alain Boulze (INRIA)
  • Johnson Ma (IONA)
  • Dimitar Dimitrov (SAP)
  • Krassimir Kondarev (SAP)

Meeting Summary

Adrian Skehill started off the meeting with a brief round of introductions and nominated himself to take minutes.

First order of business was to discuss the migration of the build system over to Buckminster. A brief overview of Buckminster was presented by Adrian & Oisin. It was agreed that Adrian & Oisin would follow up on this topic with a proposal on the introduction of Buckminster to the STP and a description of the types of distributable artifacts that should be creating from the build. David Bosschaert asked what the impact would be on on projects that would need to integrate with the STP. Adrian Skehill replied that either they would need their build system to take code from SVN (if it was required) or to pull in binary builds of the STP components.

Johnson presented an overview of the SOAS refactoring proposal he has submitted to the stp-dev mail alias. The basics of the proposal was that we would be replacing the connection profile concept from DTP and using the Server Profile pieces from WTP. With this mechanism we would be able to get better J2EE server support and better runtime information captured in the model. There are no WTP changes foreseen at this point in time. Oisin also mentioned that the Swordfish project (SOA Runtime Framework project) for eclipse has been approved and we should look into it further. No source code has yet been contributed. Oisin will forward on details to the group.

Adrian Mos then presented an overview of the Hybrid model that he has proposed on the stp-dev mail alias. The model is intended to preserve all work across any components in the STP. A discussion was held on how much information that we needed to have in the model and the potential to integrate with the SOAS deployment model All agreed that the model would form a very important part of the STP project and we should introduce a time limit of 7 days (since the model discussion has been around for a while) and then to begin actually getting it into the STP. Adrian Mos agreed to send on some sample to better explain how the model would work.

Adrian took an action item to review the current bug list and to send on to stp-dev a proposed list of bugs that should be done for the 0.7 release.

Oisin outlined that eclipse 3.3 Fall update will require an STP release so we should be planning to have something ready for that time frame. He also mentioned that we have a number of components to go into Orbit and that Jonathan Huang had applied to become a committer on the project.

David Bosschaert agreed to write up some documentation on the policy editor that has recently been committed to the STP.

Oisin outlined that we need to do an overhaul of the STP website as the information on it is very dated, and not structured correctly. Oisin and Adrian agreed to review the content and propose a skeletal structure for next weeks meeting. A Help Wanted email would follow to get other members of the STP community to assist in getting better content up on the site. David suggested why not use the wiki completely. Oisin replied that while it's easier to maintain content on the wiki, the main web page gives us better presentation and control over the information presented on the STP. We discussed the possibility of having a movie to help people in understanding how to create web site content, all agreed it would be useful, but no further action taken at this point.

Oisin stated that all actions taken should be reflected in bugzilla.

Meeting closed. Re-convening on August 30th.

Shortly after writing the minutes and raising all actions in bugzilla Adrian S. swore never to do minutes again.


# "Adrian S. to produce proposal on Buckminster / SVN Migration" 
# "Oisin to send on link to stp-dev on Swordfish" 
# "Adrian M. to send on samples for hybrid model" 
# "Adrian S. to triage open bugs and publish list" 
# "David B. to produce documentation on the Policy Editor"
# "Oisin & Adrian to produce proposal on STP Web site structure"

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