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Milestone 0.4 (done 4/13/06)


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The focus of this milestone is: Refining the architectural model (including data model), integrating ECF collab with Higgins, and preparing for the following demonstrations:

  • At IIW2006 May 1-3 (done): InfoCard protocol support: Use a Firefox browser equipped with HBX (and supported by a Higgins instance) to sign in to a target website (e.g. a prototypical e-commerce site) whose sign-in page that uses the HTML tags described by Microsoft's recently released web interoperability documentation. Details: Higgins InfoCard Interop Demo
  • At Berkman IdMashUp June 19th: RSS-P protocol support: Higgins-powered "i-card broker" web service that allows users to create/edit both anonymous and identifying "iCards" (a Digital Subject within a Contexts), and (assuming HBX installed on Firefox) the ability to "project" one or more of these identities onto (a) two different areas within a prototype e-commerce site created by Best Buy and MyVirtualModel and (b) 2-3 (more?) websites created for the conference whose page content dynamically customizes based on the visitor's profile. The identity profile data is made available to the relying sites from the PIP service.
  • At Berkman IdMashUp June 19th: Demonstration by IBM of integration of an STS within i-card broker and HBX to sign in to an InfoCard-enabled relying website.

Slipped to 0.5

  • [H6-04-01] Implement automated Higgins builds.
  • [H6-05-01] Gather requirements for the Higgins STS (MikeM)
  • [H6-05-23] Early design work on Identity Selector Service (Paul)


  • [H6-05-24] Rough out "next generation" IdAS API and CPI based on new data model
  • [H6-01-10- B3] IdAS RSS provider: Export DigitalSubject to RSS Item: hardcode for June demos
  • [H6-05-22] HBX and ISS support for RSS-P protocol
  • H6-01-10- B ECF RSS+SSE provider plugin
  • [H6-01-10- B2] ECF RSS+SSE provider: conform to new ECF datashare IMergeableChannel
  • H6-01-10- A Higgins RSS+SSE provider: Initial code working
  • [H6-04-10] Higgins running on a server using the OSGI servlet bridge
  • [H6-03-24] Refine Higgins data model; define goals, create proposals
  • [H6-04-02] Architecture description (see [Architecture M4])
  • H6-03-13 HBX support for Microsoft InfoCard (Level 1 listed here Higgins InfoCard Interop Demo)
  • [H6-03-25] The minimum Higgins web service necessary to support H6-03-13
  • H6-04-20 Misc Refactoring
  • H5-11-21 Implement SubjectRelationships

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