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Mihini/Project Plan/0.9


This page is the current project plan.


Milestones   End Date          Status  Details         
M1           Friday, July 19   OG      All Features must be present in M1
RC1          Friday, August 09 --      Time between M1 and RC1 should be used to do validation and bug fixes.


Eclipse process compatibility

Ok green.gif IP compatibility (403654)

Ok green.gif Project plan (403335)

Wiki organization

Ok green.gif Mihini developer get starting (403336)

Ok green.gif Mihini developer Guide (403875)

Ok green.gif Team organization (403338)

Ok green.gif Project information (403335)


Ok green.gif Mihini user guide (403298)

Ok green.gif Mihini porting guide (403296)

I/O and HW interactions

Ok green.gif Provide GPIO access for Linux (see (401629)

Ok green.gif Provide a functional monitoring engine that allows to have specific handlers triggered on events such as "GPIO1 has been under X threshold for 5min" (401629)

Chkbox disabled.gif Investigate system calls in Lua (see

Build / Continuous Integration

Ok green.gif Automate generation Mihini execution environment file (402034)


Ok green.gif REST API to interact with Mihini agent (402289)


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