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Mihini/New and Noteworthy/New and Noteworthy 0.9

0.9 is the first official release of Mihini in OpenSource. Most of the effort, and still ongoing, is to improve our process and documentation to make it compliant with the Eclipse standards.

In addition to that a few new features were added to that version:


GPIO library

A Lua library was added to handle GPIO access easily from your application. It works out of the box on RPI and devices that provide the /sys/call/gpio linux interface

The API is documented here:

GPIO in the device tree

The GPIO variable are directly accessible in the device tree in order to make it easier to use and share.

Path to access to the variables are detailed here:

The GPIO sub tree can also be used with the monitoring rule system:

REST API to manage the agent

The agent provides a new REST API to manage installed applications, and access the device tree.

The initial REST API documentation is available here:

Minor features and bug fixes

This release also embedded a lot a minor features and bug fixes:

Other links of interest

Mihini internal documentation and Framework APIs:

Mihini Lua_Execution_Environment for Koneki:

Mihini packages download:

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