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Mihini/EclipseCon2013 Tutorial


This tutorial "Develop a complete M2M application with Koneki and Mihini" occurred at EclipseCon 2013 on 2013-03-25.

Tutorial material

Tutorial material is hosted at

How to get it:

  • Clone git repository
   git clone
   # to get the beautiful and correct look&feel for the slides
   git submodule update --init
  • download zip file:

Once you've got the repo locally, you can browse tutorial material:


  • slides: at the root of the repo
  • Code Solution:

(That's a Koneki project, so can import it directly in your IDE)


Show Mihini

  • show key APIs such as logging, sched, airvantage, devicetree, (sms?)...
  • show how it's easy to do I/O manipulation and wireless communication

Koneki for Mihini

  • show how Lua is easy to edit thanks to LDT tooling
  • show EE and remote development for Mihini



The main hardware will be a Raspberry Pi (running Mihini) connected to an Arduino ; the Arduino itself being connected to several sensors/actuators.

Bill of materials

This is the minimal list of materials to reproduce the demo:

Item Qty
Raspberry Pi 1x
Arduino Uno 1x
Grove kit or equivalent 1x
Micro USB cable 1x
4GB SD card 1x
USB 1A power supply 1x
USB A-B cable 1x
Wifi dongle (Netgear WNA1000M-100FRS)* 1x
Breadboard 1x
Temperature Sensor (LM35DZ) 1x
Luminosity Sensor (CdS Photoconductive Photocell, like PDV-P8001) 1x
LED 1x
Resistor 1k 1x
Resistor 10k 1x

You can order (almost) everything from Adafruit:


Mihini EclipseCon2013 Arduino Schematics bb.png

Software parts to reproduce the tutorial

Running Mihini on RaspberryPi

Get SDcard image used during the tutorial

!!!!!Work in progress!!!!!

Get the image here:

Follow the instructions there:

Mihini version used:

 commit b660318d51a113d58c1e7b7a1ffdac210f5e3352

Compile and run Mihini manually

Available instructions here

Installation of Lua Development Tools (all-in-one bundle)

Home of Koneki Lua Development Tools:

Default version of Koneki doesn't come with Remote Target Management feature (that enables, for this tutorial, to connect to RaspberryPi system, send your application to it etc).

To create the all-in-one bundle that was provided during the tutorial, you have to: TBD

Setting up the Arduino

Arduino code used for the tutorial is -->

M3DA Server

An instance of M3DA server is running on Eclipse M2M machine.

To contact it with Mihini agent, you must use this address:


Run you own M3DA server instance:

Everything you need for that is there (How to build, to run, interact with):

End user Android application

Get it there:

Develop the Lua Application

See the slides and code solution in #Tutorial material!!

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