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Introducing New Ideas to MicroProfile

If you have some new ideas, please discuss them on mailing list for some feedback. After the socialization, follow Eclipse Foundation Specification Process Eclipse Foundation Specification Process (EFSP). The full steps are documented below.

Step 0: (optional) Start immediately via `microprofile-sandbox` repository

  • Fork the repository
  • Create a distinct sub-directory
  • Code
  • Submit as many PRs as you need to explore the ideas behind the proposal

No approvals or prior notification required.

The `microprofile-sandbox` has an intentional zero bar to entry to capture ideas when time permits, from anyone, even if not yet active in the MicroProfile community.

When ready, proceed to the next step.

Any form of contribution on any topic is allowed in the `microprofile-sandbox`. Moving from the `microprofile-sandbox` is at will or upon request of the MicroProfile community.

Lazy Consensus: Considered accepted with no negative votes.

Step 1 Create a Plan Review

In the Plan Review, please document the following areas: Background, Scope, Why here, License, People, etc. Send the plan review to microprofile-wg for a ballot. After the ballot concluded successfully, move to the next step.

Step 2: Request a Repository

Raise a Eclipse Foundation bugzilla ticket to get the new repository created. Once the new repository is created, existing content from `microprofile-sandbox` (if applicable) can be migrated to new repository and removed from `microprofile-sandbox`.

Step 3: Collaboration

The specification team can meet up via meetings or offline conversations to work on the specification. It needs to be open and inclusive.

Step 4: Release of a proposed feature

Once a proposed feature has been developed to cover reasonable and consistent functionality that can be released, the team behind it follow this process for the specification release.

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