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MemoryAnalyzer/Shared Installation

Eclipse Memory Analyzer and a shared installation

Sometimes it can be useful to install Eclipse Memory Analyzer in a shared directory so that many people can use it, but ideally with their own settings.

See Eclipse multi-user installs

  1. Unpack Eclipse Memory Analyzer into a location which can be shared
  2. Option: Start MAT and set up preferences etc. as required which will be the default configuration
  3. Add the following to MemoryAnalyzer.ini. This stops a root user from running Memory Analyzer and overwriting key files in the shared directories.
  4. Add to configuration/config.ini a line such as
    This sets the workspace as the default would be under the Memory Analyzer install directory, so would not be writable. This means the user does not have to specify -data
  5. Make all the Memory Analyzer files and directories publicly readable, but not writable.
  6. The error logs will go to a location like ~/.eclipse/org.eclipse.mat_1.13.0_87691952_linux_gtk_x86_64/configuration/1651585377771.log The org.eclipse.mat and 1.13.0 come from .eclipseproduct, linux from the os, gtk from ws, x86_64 from arch.

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