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Meetings for Integrating Axis2 into WTP

Integrating Axis2 into WTP


The objective of this meeting is to discussed with interested parties about integrating the [Apache Axis2] into WTP. The current release we are focusing this integration work is WTP 2.0. However, we would also be discussing longer term strategies beyond WTP 2.0.

Meeting Detail

We have set up regular meetings to discuss integrating Axis2 into WTP. Here are the meeting details:

Moderator:                                 Ms. Kathy Chan
Conference ID:                             6972470
Local Dial-in number:                      416-343-2607
North American toll-free Dial-in number:   1 866-245-5059
Time:                                      Thursday 10:00 to 11:00 EST               
Frequency:                                 Every other week starting Nov 23              

The following meetings have been set up for 2006: Nov 23, Dec 7, Dec 21.

We would start meeting every other week again in 2007 on Jan 11.

Meeting minutes

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