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March 2016 Status Meetings


Greg - Got the build working on HIPP instance. Checking out signing on latest builds, and working on tutorial.
Andrew - Working on the parser generator.
Taylor - Proof-reading tutorial materials in repo.
Robert - Working on tutorials.
Alex - Working on spotify docker client / http error. Working on tutorial docs.


Greg - Working on tutorial and fixing build with signing.
Andrew - Working on parser generator bugs and EclipseCon talk.
Robert - Improvements to EAVP and plot editor, and bugfixes
Ksenia - Testing and debugging and checking tutorials.
Jay - Finishing up tutorial.
Alex - Smoothing out tests and getting branch ready to merge with next.


Alex - Creating the USB sticks. Getting a parallel app on our public server.
Robert - Fixing tutorial, going through tutorial making sure it works.
Ksenia - Working through new item creation tutorial, installed Docker.
Greg - Finished slides and uploaded. Working on getting ICE setup for demos. Clean up in ICE repository.
Andrew - Working on talk slides.


Robert - Tried to get ICE working on Dockertools under Windows and fixing bugs on ICE, including the VisIt editor not being able to return to previous plots.
Ksenia - Finding bugs.


Jay - Stilling digging out from EclipseCon.
Alex - Bug fixes.
Robert - Fixing EAVP build, adding target, changing references where required. Looking through old bugs.
Greg - Fixing some PTP bugs. Fixing some ICE bugs.


Robert - Working on EAVP build and looking at failing tests.
Greg - EAVP build and updated ICE to work with new EAVP packages.
Ksenia - Trying the EAVP build.


Robert - Working on EAVP Hudson build and looking at the failing threaded tests in ICE.


Andrew - Cleaning up and adding testing for project generation, preparing to merge into master.
Greg - Configuring mavan profiles for EAVP build. Robert - Working on EAVP build, creating tests.


Robert - Working EAVP build and ICE bugs.


Greg - Working on EAVP/ICE builds.
Alex - Fixed Moose execution bug.
Robert - Working on ICE next build to pull from EAVP site. Updating context menu for FX camera.
Ksenia - Finding bugs in EAVP/ICE connection.


Jay- Finishing the modification to reflectivity code.
Robert - Working on VisIt bugs.
Andrew - Working on XText tree to generate writer for parser generator.


Robert - Working on VisIt bugs: performance when rotating the model, displaying multiple VisIt instances at once, and 2.10.1 compatibility.
Andrew - Working on XText tree to generate writer for parser generator.


Jay - Planning for upcomming Eclipse events. Working on neutron reflectivity.
Robert - Working on VisIt bugs and trying out Paraview.
Ksenia - Checking for EAVP bugs in the newest version of ICE


Jay - Working on reflectivity simulator documentation.
Robert - Getting ParaView working on Mac, and fixing ParaView bugs.
Ksenia - Double checking closed EAVP bugs and looking for new ones.

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