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The Eclipse IoT Working Group hosted an Unconference meeting at EclipseCon Europe 2014. This was an open meeting to allow anyone to participate.


The agenda was hosted on the Unconference wiki. The presentation slides for most of the presentations are also available with the agenda.


Unfortunately an attendee list was not recorded. In general there were approximately 25 people in attendance throughout the day.

Action Items

  • A number of projects are supporting a variety of protocols. It was agreed that the IoT PMC would investigate the feasibility of starting a 'commons' project similar to Orbit so we can host IP clean implementations of different protocols, ex Zigbee, Bluetooth, etc. ACTION: Kai and Jens will start the discussion on the PMC mailing list.
  • A number of participants were interested in pursuing the implementation of the LWM2M specification over MQTT. ACTION: Marco will start a discussion on the IoT WG mailing list.
  • There was general interest in starting to specify common MQTT message formats. Kura has already specify some formats so this might be a good starting point. ACTION: Marco will send to the IoT WG mailing list the formats used by Kura.
  • Four projects, Concierge, Kura, OM2M and SmartHome are all planning releases in December. ACTION: Ian Skerrett will coordinate a press release/announcement about the releases.
  • We are planning an IoT Theme Day at EclipseCon NA in March. We need to form a small program committee to select the talks and more importantly we need submissions for the IoT WG community.

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