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MODELS 2016 Conference

MODELS 2016 Conference

MODELS is the premier conference series for model-based software and systems engineering. Eclipse, Polarsys and the Papyrus IC are proud sponsors of the conference. For the Papyrus IC, MODELS is the main event for the development of a vibrant research/academia community focused on the use of Papyrus and related open source technologies for both research and academic purposes.
Papyrus IC is a Silver Sponsor of MODELS 2016.

Papyrus IC Presence at MODELS 2016

Main Conference

  • Sponsorship of the Welcome Reception
    • Papyrus IC/Polarsys co-sponsorship of the Welcome reception
    • We will use this opportunity to announce different initiatives of the Papyrus IC Research/Academia
  • Panel: User Experience (UX) in Model-Based Software Engineering
    • Moderator: Jon Whittle
    • Panelists: Silva Abraho, Francis Bordeleau, Betty Cheng, Sahar Kokaly, Richard Paige, Harald Stoerrle

Satellite Events

SAM 2016

SAM 2016 – 9th System Analysis and Modeling Conference website

    • Keynote: F. Bordeleau. Industrial Use of Model-Based Engineering: Lessons Learned and Future Directions.

Tutorials and Workshops

List of events in which Papyrus IC members will be involved

  • Tutorial: Ernesto Posse, Nicolas Hili. ”Hybrid Graphical/Textual Modelling and Code Generation with PapyrusRT” (website)
  • OSS4MDE – 2nd International Workshop on Open Source Software for Model Driven Engineering (website)
  • EXE – 2nd International Workshop on Executable Modeling (website)
  • ME – 10th International Workshop on Models and Evolution (website)
  • ModComp – 3rd International Workshop on Interplay of Model-Driven and Component-Based Software Engineering (website)
  • Educator Symposium (website)
  • OCL - 16th International Workshop in OCL and Textual Modeling (website)

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