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MMT/QVTo/New and Noteworthy/Neon


Eclipse QVT Operational New and Noteworthy items for the Neon 3.6.0 release.

Milestone 2

The milestone was completed on September 29, 2015


471404 - Change return type for objectsOf...(T) operations to Set(T)

475123 - Filter out overridden operations during detection of operation re-overriding

477155 - Switch to JUnit4 parameterized tests


472427 - StandInException in WorkspaceUnitResolver

Milestone 4

The milestone was completed on December 15, 2015


480634 - Use bundle for Guava

Milestone 5

The milestone was completed on February 2, 2016


483290 - Check for existence of deployed modules


477331 - Enable refined return types for virtual operations

478006 - Save out resources only after adding all extent contents

Milestone 6

The milestone was completed on March 22, 2016


487299 - Diagnose ambiguity of operations calls that are invoked using implicit source

474603 - Resolve Java blackboxes in workspace

486810 - Enable mapping results of type Element

486579 - Enable invocation of constructors defined in blackbox modules

425066 - Add mapping results to model extents if not added before

459750 - Make Application Launch Delegate available in non-debug mode

484020 - Add support for construction of EDataTypes from StringLiterals

473151 - Make a detection of the query return value more intellectual

488742 - Detect Element as supertype of all user model types

472351 - Support comment/uncomment functionality for QVTo text editor

446146 - *.qvto is a known text file


472376 - QVTo doesn't actually return on return statement

484391 - Cannot browse from trace through to traced EObject

475910 - Can't sort a Sequence(ELong)

475907 - QVTo parser crash (NumberFormatException) on large integer

475458 - QVTo debugger: show collection elements starting with index 1

467527 - Improve performance of types' inference during compilation

469056 - Operational QVT Traces view is initially visible for other

474474 - QVTo new project wizard doesn't include qualifier in default plug-in version

489092 - Helper.isQuery not set by

422268 - Launch configuration cannot be edited for missing input model

Milestone 7

The milestone was completed on May 03, 2016


377320 - not implemented

490424 - Assigning incompatible enumeration values does not produce an error


474478 - QVTo new project wizard always creates Java 5 project

Milestone RC1

The milestone was completed on May 17, 2016


493313 - Code coverage only considers the last executed transformation


474470 - QVTo new project wizard crashes on creating plug-in project with 'target/classes' as output directory

490998 - Returning tuple for helper with multiple return values doesn't work

Milestone RC2

The milestone was completed on May 24, 2016


492966 - Chained disjuncts ignores mappings after first nested disjunct call

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