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Model to Model Transformation - MMT

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Model-to-model transformation is a key aspect of model-driven development (MDD). The MMT project provides a framework for model-to-model transformation languages. Transformations are executed by transformation engines. There are three transformation engines that are developed in the scope of this project: ATL, QVTo, QVTd. MMT is a subproject of the top-level Eclipse Modeling Project.

The MMT project was originally known as the M2M project. The name was changed to avoid confusion with Machine-to-Machine.

MMT Transformation Languages and Engines

The three languages currently supported by MMT are:

Questions and Discussions About MMT Usage

Questions and discussions about the MMT projects and/or about its components (i.e., ATL, QVTo, QVTd) should be directed to the relevant Eclipse newsgroup or forum. (Although newsgroups and forums are synchronized to share content, the synchronisation sometimes fails, so newsgroups are preferred.)

Before May 2012, the MMT project was called M2M and a single newsgroup/forum was shared by all projects [archives].

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