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M2T Meeting 2008-03-19


  • Wed, Mar 19 @ 16:45 PDT
  • Location: Meet outside Grand Ballroom GHAB after Bernd's and Markus' long talk. We'll find a location from there.

Call Information

Face-to-face meeting - no call-in available


  • Project Leadership - Paul would like to nominate Bernd as a project co-lead
  • Graduation - we can graduate individual components - is this better for MTL?


  • Bernd, Sven, Nick, Jonathon, Cedric, Paul


  • xPand builds
    • xPand needs nightly builds - Nick will setup
    • UI tests need to be run as part of build
    • Suggested that build page include
  • Graduation Review
    • We will schedule a graduation review post Ganymede so that we do not break clients late in the Ganymede release.
  • Components
    • Regarding formal components, we WILL NOT have these for the time being. All elections will be for committers across the entire project.
    • Paul will send e-mails to modeling PMC and emo to get this formally approved.

Next meeting

  • Every third Thursday of the month. Reminders will be automatically sent to
  • The next meeting Thursday, April 17

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