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M2T Meeting 2007-04-19



  • Paul Elder
  • Joel Cheuchoua
  • Bernd Kolb
  • Arno Hass
  • Frank Cornelissen


  • Component status
  • Code in /cvsroot/modeling/org.eclipse.m2t/ CVS? Code to be migrated from /cvsroot/technology/org.eclipse.emft/ CVS?
  • Releng code ready? Releng needs migration?
  • Bugzilla (components, milestones, descriptions)
  • Public Website (component descriptions, shell for downloads/updates/feeds/news/etc.)
  • Internal Website (for running builds, etc.)
  • Should M2T stay an incubating project? The main advantage is the parallel IP process. Some insights on how this can work with some components being leaving incubation while the project remains in incubation:
  • Schedule next meeting


  • Release plans and incubation exit
    • JET is the only M2T component that will be able to release in synchronization with Europa in June 2007. We will make this the first M2T release (0.8?), but not seek promotion to a released project.
    • A second release (0.9?) has been tentatively scheduled for end of September 2007 in which Xpand and MTL will participate. Again, M2T will stay in incubation
    • The M2T 1.0 release (and exiting incubation) will be in sync with the June 2008 Eclipse simultaneous release.
    • Action: Paul to setup 0.8 and 0.9 release plan pages.
    • Action: MTL and Xpand to include their details in the 0.9 plan
    • TODO: Establish a regular build and milestone schedule for the 0.9 release. (The 0.8 release is following the Europa schedule).
  • Provisioning status
    • Paul has started moving JET to the m2t CVS repository.
    • bug 181212 is tracking this effort
    • Once the build is setup (this Friday ?), I will proceed with setting up the project web site, download pages, etc.
  • Standing meetings
    • M2T will have a standing committer telephone meeting on the third Thursday of every month. Time will generally be 1900 European time, 1300 Eastern time and 1000 Pacific time.
    • Action: Paul to put this time on the main Wiki page
  • m2t-dev newsgroup
    • Committers are reminded to sign up for the M2T-DEV e-mail list. This list is the primary means of committer communication
    • Sign-up for m2t-dev
    • Action: All - sign up
  • Committer design session
    • One or more committer design sessions are proposed for August 2007
    • The goal is to discover areas where M2T components can develop common architectures and platforms.
    • The results of the design session will be used to drive future project plans.
  • Committer vote - Arno Hasse - xpand
    • Arno got missed as a committer for xpand.
    • Action: Paul will look into the process of setting up a committer vote using the new committer portal. My understanding is that the vote is limited to the other xpand component committers: Markus, Sven and Bernd.
    • The vote will be announced to the m2t-dev e-mail list.
  • Eclipse Forum
    • A number of M2T members will be attending this event next week (Week of April 23)
    • Action: Bernd to arrange a meeting of those attending
  • International Telecon number
    • Connecting to the number from a cell network does not work
    • Connecting from a land-line requires you to enter the conference ID three times (you get rejected each time). You then get transfered to a meeting operator who asks for conference ID, sponsor company (IBM) and meeting organizer (Paul Elder).

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