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M2T Meeting 2007-01-24

Minutes from committer tele-conference, Wednesday, January 24, 2007.


    • Paul Elder
    • Bernd Kolb
    • Arjan Kok


  • OMG MOF Model to Text proposal
    • Arjan provided committer names (himself and Frank Cornelissen)
    • Component name will be MTL = Model-to-Text Language
    • Action: Paul to communicate this to the EMO.
  • M2T 1.0 Project Plan
    • Agreement that M2T 1.0 should release in co-ordination with the Europa release (June 2007).
    • Arjan indicated that June 2007 is likely too soon for a first MTL release.
    • JET (as part of EMFT) is already committed to the Europa simultaneous release. Paul will be updating the Europa Simultaneous Release page in indicate a change from EMFT to M2T.
    • Plan to contain at least the following items:
      • M2T Invocation framework
      • Common components: user region tools
      • XPand: resolve ANTLR 2 IP issues
      • JET: Fully support for EMF JET.
    • Action: Paul to create a draft M2T 2.0 plan. It is located here M2T Plan 1.0
  • Meetings
    • There are still problems with the international toll-free number. Paul to investigate again.
    • No meeting next week (Week of Jan 29).
    • Committer calls should be least monthly
    • Hope to have a face-to-face meeting at Eclipse Con
    • Action: Paul to create meeting agendas and minutes in the Eclipse Wiki - done :-)

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