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M2T-JET/Whats New in 1.1 (Helios)

Whats New in JET 1.1 (Helios)

The Helios release has been primarily a stability and maintenance release. A complete list of defect fixes and enhancements for the release may be found in the M2T-JET 1.1.0 release notes page.

New extends attribute in <%@jet%> directive

The JET directive now supports the extends attribute, which lets you specify the super class of a compiled JET template. The value of the attribute should be a fully qualified Java class name that is available in the JET project's classpath. The super class must have a default constructor, otherwise the generated JET template class will contain compilation errors. The extends attribute is an alternate to the JET1 skeleton attribute, which relied on deprecated code in the Java Development Tools (JDT). The extends attribute is available in both JET1 and JET2 compilation mode.


<%@jet extends="org.example.MyBaseTemplate"%>

See: Bug 295809

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