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M2E-WTP/New and Noteworthy/1.2.0

New and Noteworthy in m2e-wtp 1.2.0

m2e-wtp 1.2.0 is a maintenance release. See the list of issues fixed in this version : [1]


m2e-wtp 1.2.0 is part of the Eclipse Mars Java EE distribution. For Luna, m2e-wtp 1.2.0 can be installed from :

m2e 1.6 and the Maven Archiver 0.17.0+ feature from Sonatype are required.

Restart your workspace after the installation.

Keep Deployment Assembly settings

All the manual modifications performed in the Deployment Assembly property page now survive Maven Project configuration updates. This can be useful if you want to reorder target/m2e-wtp/web-resources and src/main/webapp to better support Maven's web resource filtering with Tomcat 7's "Serve without publishing" mode, which tends to serve resources in the opposite order of the publishing mode

Errors are generated if <failOnMissingWebXml> is true and web.xml is missing

m2e-wtp will now detect an error if the maven-war-plugin <failOnMissingWebXml> attribute is set to true (the default value) but no web.xml can be found.

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