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M2E-WTP-Dev Environment

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Clone m2e-wtp and m2e-wtp-tests

  • Clone the m2e-wtp core and jpa repositories. Committers should use :
- Core : ssh:// 
- JPA : ssh:// 

Build m2e-wtp within Eclipse

Build m2e-wtp via command line

   mvn clean install

This will build m2e-wtp against the juno platform.

  • Alternatively, execute the following to build against other platforms (helios, indigo, juno and kepler are supported)
   mvn clean install<platformId>

The very first build should be *very* long (tens of minutes), as maven will need to download all the build pre-requisites from internet. Subsequent builds can be sped up by going offline :

   mvn clean install -o

Change directory to go under m2e-wtp-tests and execute :

   mvn clean install

Submitting patches

m2e-wtp core sources at

m2e-wtp only accepts changes contributed via Gerrit. Here is the wiki that explains how to use it

According to eclipse legal poster, all contributors must have signed Eclipse CLA and their bugzilla email and git commit author must match (otherwise Eclipse git server refuses contribution).

All contributions must be referenced from corresponding bugzilla records. The commit message should be prefixed with the bugzilla id following the format :

   bugzillaId : commit message

m2e-wtp tests at github

In most cases m2e-wtp core patches will require corresponding regression tests. Changes to m2e-wtp tests repository must be submitted as github pull requests and must be linked to bugzilla record, along with corresponding Gerrit change set.

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