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TRS Toolkit Overview

The goal of the TRS toolkit is to provide an inclusive library stack for adopting TRS. This framework will provide the ability for:

  • Generating the TRS services via JAX-RS using Apache Wink
  • (De)Serialization of the TRS Beans through OSLC4J

In addition to the framework provided by OSLC4J the TRS toolkit consists of a set of Java beans that may be used with or without the provided framework. The following beans are contained in the org.eclipse.lyo.core.trs project:


  • AbstractChangeLog
  • Base
  • ChangeEvent
  • ChangeLog
  • Creation
  • Deletion
  • EmptyChangeLog
  • Modification
  • Page (only in 2.0 to power the LDP base resource pagination)
  • TrackedResourceSet

TRS Toolkit Examples

For examples on how these toolkit components are used, and for instructions on how to run the compliance test suite please refer to the instructions provided on the TRS Reference Application page.


TRS Toolkit Dependencies

The TRS Toolkit currently depends on the OSLC4J Wink and OSLC4J Jena Provider projects.  The current list of depdencies may always be obtained from the TRS Toolkit's pom.xml

Adding a dependency to the TRS Toolkit

You may add a dependency on the TRS Toolkit by adding the following lines to the <dependencies> section of your maven project's pom.xml:

For version 2.0 of the TRS specification


For version 1.0 of the TRS specification


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