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Here is the release process for Lyo. General information on the Eclipse release process is documented at

Release Reviews

Important: This must be done at least 3 weeks before your release date!

Publishing Releases

When the IP log and release review are approved, you can publish the release. (In the future, we should look at using the Maven release plugin to make this easier.)

Important: Once you publish a release version to, you cannot overwrite it.

Builds are published to from Hudson. When you remove the SNAPSHOT qualifier, they'll be published to the lyo-releases repository. If you really need to delete a published release artifact from lyo-releases (not recommended), email Thanh Ha.

Here are the steps to publish a release:

  • Remove the SNAPSHOT qualifier from the version numbers in every pom.xml.
  • Commit and push the change.
  • Update the configuration for Hudson builds lyo-oslc4j-nightly, lyo-server-nightly, and lyo-client-nightly. These builds have scripts with the version number in them that need to change.
  • Run the builds. This will push the binaries to
  • Click the "Keep this build forever" button in Hudson to preserve the build.
  • Update the Lyo packaging build, lyo-oslc4j-packaging.
  • Run the packaging builds to creates the ZIPs for the downloads page.
  • Download the files from the packaging build workspace. Make sure they look right and include the appropriate licenses. Testing the bits is a good idea :)
  • Use SFTP to upload the files to for the downloads page.
  • Update the project homepage and download pages at ssh://<your-id>

Yay! The build is public! Now let's tag it and ready development for the next release.

  • Create a tag for the release in git (in each Lyo git repository). For instance,
git tag -a 2.0 -m "Lyo 2.0"
git push origin 2.0
  • Add the next version number with a SNAPSHOT qualifier to every POM file.
  • Commit and push the changes.

You're done! That was easy, wasn't it?

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