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This page is to collect references to ongoing work for a Perl client library and samples for accessing OSLC service providers (servers). Looking for contributors to evolve, and possible consolidate, these contributions.

Contribution 1

Initial contribution in Bug378409 by Max Vohlken

Latest source:

 Git repo [1]

Vid - Demo of using a Lyo-OSLC based Perl Script article

Contribution 2

Initial contribution in Bug38652 by Stephanie Ouillon

Latest source:

 Git repo [2]

Vid - Net-OSLC-CM Perl module demonstration (Lyo + Perl modules)

Bi-Weekly Meetings

We will start formalizing this effort by having bi-weekly meetings on Thursday at 1 pm EST.  Send email to if you would like to be included in this effort.

LyoPerl Meeting Agenda

LyoPerl Meeting Minutes

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