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The Lyo project has an OSLC 2.0 Automation provider that works with Hudson and Jenkins CI. It's currently a sample, although we plan to evolve it into a complete OSLC Automation implementation. The provider currently supports

  • Service Discovery
  • Creation Factories
    • AutomationRequest (Schedule Build)
  • Query Capabilities (oslc.where subset)
    • AutomationPlan (Job)
    • AutomationResult (Run)
  • Dialogs:
    • Select AutomationPlan (Job)
  • UI Preview:
    • AutomationPlan (Job)
    • AutomationResult (Run)
  • Basic Access Authentication

In parallel, we're investigating writing an OSLC Automation consumer for Hudson and Jenkins. This would allow you to make automation requests to other servers as a build step, even scheduling builds on other Jenkins servers using OSLC Automation.


Getting the Code

The plugin is meant to work with both Hudson and Jenkins. For now, we have development ongoing in two different Git branches because of differences in the Hudson and Jenkins API and development environment.

  • Branch: master - Hudson plugin
  • Branch: jenkins - Jenkins plugin

Clone the Lyo Server Git repository

  • Open the Git Repositories view in Eclipse and click the Clone Git Repository icon
  • Use git:// as the URI (browse it also on line). User/Password are not required.
  • On the Branch Selection page, select the master branch for Hudson or the jenkins branch for Jenkins
  • On the Local Destination page, specify a location or accept the default and click Finish

Import Eclipse projects from the Git repositories

  • In the Git Repositories view, right click org.eclipse.lyo.server and select Import Projects
  • Select the Import Existing Projects wizard and click Next
  • Import org.eclipse.lyo.samples.hudson or org.eclipse.Lyo.samples.jenkins

Building and Running

From the command line,

  • Use mvn install to build
  • Use mvn hpi:run to run

The OSLC Automation endpoint is

http://localhost:8080/auto/provider (Hudson) or http://localhost:8080/jenkins/auto/provider (Jenkins)

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