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Linux Tools Project/Systemtap/User Guide/ide/toolbars.html


SystemTap GUI currently has two toolbars built in; an Action Bar for file and execution operations and a Perspective Selector to jump to different perspectives.

Action Bar

  • <img src="images/toolbars/new_wiz.gif"> New File - This button will bring up a dialog to create a new file. When you click ok the file will be opened in the editor window.
  • <img src="images/toolbars/open_wiz.gif"> Open File - This button will bring up a dialog to select a file to open. Once a file is selected it will open in the editor window.
  • <img src="images/toolbars/import_wiz.gif"> Import Tapset - This button allows you to include additional tapset directories when you run a script.
  • <img src="images/toolbars/run_exc.gif"> Run Script - This will compile the open script and start running it. All output will be sent to the console. If there is an error in the script the error will be reported in the ErrorLog.
  • <img src="images/toolbars/run_chart.gif"> Run Script w/Chart - This button is also like the standard Run Script button but will bring up a charting dialog box. Once the formatting expressions have been entered it will change the current perspective to the graphing perspective.
  • <img src="images/toolbars/stop_obj.gif"> Stop Script - This button will stop the currently active script from running.

Perspective Selector

  • Ide.png IDE Perspective - This button brings you into the IDE Perspective, useful for writing and executing scripts.
  • Graphing.png Graphing Perspective - This button brings you into the Graphing Perspective, useful for graphing scripts.

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