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Shared elements

Profiling Categories

The Profiling Category support has been fixed to not show a Profiling Category in the Profiling Tools menu unless a tool exists for that Category. In addition, within the Profiling Tools Configuration view, an error message will clearly denote that there are no installed profiling tools for that category.


Linked File Support

The GCov plug-in has been enhanced to support marking of files that have been linked into a C/C++ project via: "File->Import...->General->File System.

Enhanced Windows Support

The GCov plug-in has been fixed to use Windows commands where needed to support acquiring the GCov info.

Automatic Build Support Enhanced

The automatic build support added in the previous release has been enhanced to work for Tool-chains other than just the "GNU Linux" toolset. For example. this allows the feature to work on Windows where Cygwin may be used.


Trace type categories for Custom Text/XML traces

It's now possible to categorize trace types generated by the Custom Text/XML wizards.

Custom Parser

Time offsetting

The time offsetting feature allows the user to apply a fixed offset to all event timestamps in a trace. It can be used, for example, to adjust the start time of a trace, or to manually align the timestamp of events from different traces.

Time Offsetting

Trace size and date properties

The Properties view now shows the trace size and when a trace was last modified.

Trace Size and Date Properties

Updated LTTng tracer control connection handling

The LTTng Control feature is now using the org.eclipse.remote API of the PTP project instead of RSE since RSE will be retired and org.eclipse.remote will be actively developed further in the future. The new connection wizards have been updated for that.

New Connection Wizard New Remote Connection Wizard

Experimental support of machine interface LTTng Tools v2.6

The LTTng Tools v2.6 (release in Q1/2015) will introduce a machine interface (MI) for controlling LTTng tracing sessions. The LTTng Tracer Control in Eclipse has been updated for that. However, the support is still experimental. LTTng Tools v2.5 and lower are officially supported in the Eclipse integration.

Collapsing of repetitive events

The framework has been updated to support collapsing of repetitive events. The implementation is trace type dependent and each ITmfEvent extension has to implement the ITmfCollapsibleEvent interface. If an extension supports this interface then as special filter can be executed in the Events Table.

Collapse of Repetitive Events

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