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Linux Tools Project/HeliosRampDown

Linux Tools Helios (our 0.6 release) Ramp Down Plan

For reference, see the Helios Simultaneous Release, in particular the Milestones and Release Candidates.


  • May 7th: M7 produced
  • May 19th: RC1 submission
  • May 26th: RC2 submission
  • June 2nd: RC3 submission
  • June 9th: RC4 submission
  • June 16th: **Final +3 (our "level") Helios submission**
  • June 23rd: Helios released

Ramp Down Details

For M7 we plan to be API complete. We will also be in compliance with licensing requirements (, etc.). We will allow API changes only if they are critical bug fixes.

For RC1 we plan to be functionally complete. Changes after this submission should be *very* carefully considered for potential impact and should not be committed unless they are critical bug fixes.

Critical bug fixes

Critical bugs fixes should fall into one of the following categories:

  1. the bug is a regression
  2. the bug is a crasher or shows an error to the user in a dialogue
  3. the bug exposes issues that make the Linux Tools contribution a bad Eclipse citizen (see
  4. the fix is not too invasive and is reviewed and approved by at least one other committer

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