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Linux Tools Project/Building Doc

Building Linux Tools MediaWiki-based Documentation Plugins

To build the documentation from a plug-in with the latest wiki content:

  • install Mylyn/WikiText for Eclipse. This can be done via update site inside Eclipse (Help -> Install new software -> Indigo).
  • install Ant and ant-nodeps package. If using yum:

$ yum install ant ant-nodeps

  • open the org.eclipse.linuxtools.{plugin-name}.doc source inside eclipse. (For example, for valgrind use valgrind/org.eclipse.linuxtools.{plugin-name}.doc)
  • edit build-helper.xml and change the path inside the path tag to point to the plugins directory in your eclipse installation. (This file is called build-doc.xml in callgraph and gprof)
  • remove the template declaration from the wikipage (as described on the bug#367525)
  • run build-helper.xml with Eclipse built-in ant runner (right-click -> Run As -> Ant build).

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