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Leveraging SDD

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Jason Losh from the Oasis SDD Technical Committee requested that we work together in preparing a set of material that outlined the work involved in creating a reference implementation and exemplary usage of the Solution Deployment Descriptor (SDD).

The attached zip file contains a PDF and is the proposal that scopes this work. It is open for community review and will be discussed on an open call Thursday, August 9, 2007.

Please feel free to comment on the proposal by adding to this page, posting to the newsgroup, or via the mailing list.

Next Steps / Action Items

Community Process

  • Kickoff meeting week of Jan 14 or 21 (TBD)



  • Deep Dive P2
  • Deep Dive on SML/SDD (what is the minimum we need?)
  • Deep Dive on SDD/CMDBf

Development Process

  • Open and assign any Enhancement Requests
    • Identify any existing contributions from SAS, IBM, et. that would satisfy the Enhancement Requests (link back to the use cases)
    • Assign to iteration plan
  • Build Q/A Plan
  • Build/Release Engineering plan updates
    • How do we eat our own dogfood?

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