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LDT/User Area/New Noteworthy/New Noteworthy 1.2

New & Noteworthy 1.2

Add a library documentation to a project

since 1.2M1

By adding a .doclua file describing an API in Lua Documentation Language in your project source path, you will have auto-completion for described API.


Debugging fix and enhancements

since 1.2M1

Here are some fixes to improve debugging experience and troubleshooting:

  • Avoid a crash when evaluating an expression from the watch view.
  • Use of interpreter's LUA_PATH if LUA_PATH environment variable is not available.
  • The debugger now logs his version and his connection status.
  • Better error logging during remote debug sessions.

Extending a type

since 1.2M1

Using the @extend keyword in a module or type will extend it with all fields and functions of given super type. See detailed documentation.


Handling table field

since 1.2M1

On a variable documented with type #table, its fields are now displayed in the outline and available from auto-completion.



since 1.2M1

Pressing ALT+SHIFT+R on a Lua variable enables to rename it and all its occurrences.


Integration of Metalua 0.7.2

since 1.2M1

LDT is now based on Metalua 0.7.2.

Add map/list support

since 1.2M2

Using the #list or #map to type a variable or a field. See detailed documentation.

Using map in-line notation on a field
Using list in-line notation on variable to describe function result

It is also possible to give a map or list behavior to a type by using @map or @list keywords.

Using @map on a type
Using @list on a type

Add __call support

since 1.2M2

Using the @callof keyword in a function to make a type callable. See detailed documentation.

@callof in action

Choose interpreter automatically

since 1.2M2

Interpreters are now linked to Execution Environments, this allows LDT to run applications with a compatible interpreter automatically.

Specify an Execution Environment which match your interpreter
You are warned when you launch an application with an inappropriate interpreter

LuaJIT Integration

Now, when you add your LuaJit to LDT, you can inspect FFI CData.

Adding a LuaJit interpreter to LDT
How Cdata are displayed in debugger

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