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LDT/Developer Area/Project Plan/1.4

Work Items for LDT 1.4

Below are items that the LDT team are worth being considered for the 1.4 release. This release is expected for the mid year 2016.


Milestones   End Date           Mars Targeted Milestones    Status  Details
M1           Nov,  2rd                    M3  Nov, 11th       OK      Target platform updated
M2           Dec,  9th                    M5  Feb,  3rd       OK      Biggest Features  -_-! ...
M3,RC1       Mar, 23th                    M6  Mar, 23th       --      Time between M2 and RC1 should be used to do validation and bug fixes.
R            Jun, ????                                        --      Final release.

see Neon Schedule.

Features/Tasks Lists

based on last component version

Ok green.gif Update to Neon

Ok green.gif Use last DLTK version

Partial Lua 5.3 support

Error.gif add Lua Execution Environment Lua 5.3

Ok green.gif debugger parial support of Lua 5.3 (474817)

Enhance build to be more process compatible

Ok green.gif LDT contributes runtime.compatibility to Sim. Release repo (478009)

Find new contributors

Error.gif Find&Contact product which integrates LDT

Bugzilla Requests

Project Plan : The bigs features implemented.

Bugs fixed : Bugs fixed fixed.

Bugs to fix : List of bugs and little improvements we will try to close.

To understand priorities and severities meaning : development documentation

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