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LDT/Developer Area/Contribute Code


Get Eclipse

You need an eclipse with JDT+PDE. We advice you to download the Eclipse IDE for Eclipse Committers (

Get Source Code

On the command line

git clone git://

After that, import the projects into Eclipse using Import > Existing Projects into Workspace.

Using EGit

First, verify that the default repository folder as set on the main Git preference page is to your liking.

Then, clone the repository and import the projects:


After importing the LDT projects in Eclipse, they will not compile due to missing dependencies. You need to load the target platform "target-platform/" folder from "eclipse.ldt" project. Choose the ldt-<version>.target file matching the version of your Eclipse platform (e.g. Mars for eclipse 4.5) and open it (this may take a while as it downloads the indexes of the p2 repositories the target platform refers to)

   In the resulting editor, click on the Set as Target Platform link at the top right (this may also take a while)

After that, the workspace should build cleanly. If not, try Project > Clean... > All. If this also doesn't help open Preferences > Plug-In Development > Target Platform, select the checked target platform and click "Reload..." this will flush PDE's bundle cache and re-download the artifacts listed in the target platform.

There are different target definitions, one for each version of Eclipse that LDT supports. The one you select will be the one that is started if you want to try out a feature or bug fix.

You can always switch between them to test on different Eclipse versions.


Now that everything builds, the next step is to run LDT: The simple way is to launch the LDT product. Go in "product" folder of "eclipse.ldt" project.

   Open "org.eclipse.ldt.product"
   Click on "launch an eclipse application in Debug mode" button at left top corner 

This should create a new launch configuration and start a new nested Eclipse instance in debug mode. The created launch configuration can be edited, e.g. to change where the workspace of the nested Eclipse should be located.

The launch configuration can also be used in normal (non-debug) mode of course.

   The launch configuration should not works, in this case you maybe need to add "com.naef.jnlua" and "com.naef.jnlua.yourplatform" version 0.9.1 manually.
   (You should have the version 0.9.* and 1.0.* selected)
   If it still doesn't work you could try an add Required plug-in.

Also see the reference on eclipse application launchers.


See  Building tutorials.

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