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Kuksa/Training Material

Here is a draft of the topics for Kuksa training materials / documentation. The goal is to provide an overview of Kuksa, its architecture and its infrastructure. If you have pointers to materials or plan to create materials that cover any of these sections, please add your name and a link/brief description.

Updates and comments are welcome!

Kuksa App IDE

  • Getting Started with the App IDE
    • Required System Configuration
    • How to set up the IDE
    • Writing your first Kuksa In-Vehicle App
    • Writing your first Kuksa Cloud App
    • Testing your Apps
    • Deploying your apps
    • Install your In-Vehicle App in your car (see In-Vehicle platform Getting Started)
    • Install your Cloud App in your Cloud (see Cloud platform Getting Started)
  • Some Kuksa App examples

Kuksa In-Vehicle platform

  • Getting started with the In-Vehicle platform
    • Required System Configuration (HW/SW)
    • Set up the platform
      • using a RPi
      • using XXX?
    • Connect the platform to a Kuksa portal
    • Search for an In-Vehicle App
    • Install an In-Vehicle App
    • Test the In-Vehicle App
  • Configure the In-Vehicle platform
  • Overview of the In-Vehicle platform and its architecture
  • Overview of the Kuksa In-Vehicle API

Kuksa Cloud Platform

  • Getting started with the Cloud platform
    • Required System Configuration
    • Installing and testing the Cloud platform
    • Installing a Cloud App and its In-Vehicle App
    • Testing the Cloud App
  • Configuring the Cloud platform
  • Overview of the Cloud platform and its architecture
  • Overview of the Kuksa Cloud API
  • Marketplace presentation and features

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