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This page is obsolete
This page is not relevant anymore for LDT since the 0.9 version, instead please refer to the user guide: Koneki/LDT/Developer_Area/User_Guides

Lua Development Tools Debugger

The debugger is an interesting feature, but enabling it require a little explanation. The require steps allowing to run debugger are explained below.

Install Lua

The debugger client is written in Lua 5.1 as I'm writing. In order to be able to run it, Lua is required. You can download Lua here. Under OSX and Linux Lua is available in software manager repositories.

Install LuaRocks

We need LuaSocket in order to get it, the nicer way is to install it through LuaRocks. LuaRocks is a component manager for Lua such as Pear for PHP or Gems for Ruby. Here is the link to install it. Under OSX and Linux LuaRocks is available in software manager repositories.

Install LuaSocket

Once you installed LuaRocks, just ask for LuaSocket. On my Linux it looks like

% sudo luarocks install luasocket

Install debugger

Beforehand, you must download provided archive:

Linux ( OSX compatible )

Then, decide where you want to install it. In my case it is /home/kkinfoo/.bin/.

  • Extract archive
  • Edit run script
  • Update the INSTALL_DIR variable to meet installation directory, in my case "/home/kkinfoo/.bin/debugger_lua"
  • Move debugger_lua directory to install directory. In my case:
% cp -r debugger_lua/ /home/kkinfoo/.bin/
  • Create symbolic link to make command available anywhere
% sudo ln -s  /path/to/debugger_lua/run /usr/bin/debugger_lua
# In my case
% sudo ln -s  /home/kkinfoo/.bin/debugger_lua/run /usr/bin/debugger_lua
  • It is all set
% debugger_lua
No input file given
Command usage:
  /usr/bin/debugger_lua <filename.lua>	Launches debugger on specified file
  /usr/bin/debugger_lua --help		This help


Edit provided .bat script.

Finally, how to start a debugger session

Create and run launch configuration

In IDE side everthing is set up to allow debugging. You just learnt about setting up debugger client. You just need few configuration tips.

IDE side configuration

Go to Window > Preferences > Dynamic Languages > Debug, you will have the UI below. Make sure that selected port is of Custom type and is the same as in DBGP_IDEPORT from previous run script. This post is used for communication between IDE and Lua debugger client. If those ports differ, debugger won't work.

Launch configuration

Creating an Remote Lua Application, you will have following window. Do not mind Port field as it has no effect, it is reported in Eclipse Bug 362304. Working directory field is to specify path difference when you are debugging a remote target. It allow debugger to strip this part of the path and match distant files with workspace ones.

Run command

Once you clicked Debug, IDE will wait for debugger client response. In order to provide it, you must run provided debugger code with debugged file as parameter.

Linux (OSX compatible)

If you installed the command as described above, you just have to run:

% debugger_lua fileToDebug.lua


In provided archive, edit test.bat, replace myapp.lua with your application source path. Save and execute it.

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