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Juno/Projects and b3aggrconfile

Eclipse Juno Release

The following lists projects that are planed for Juno release and their corresponding b3aggrcon file.

Please review for correctness and "fill in" places where there are question marks

Project Name b3aggrcon file
Acceleo m2t-acceleo
Accessibility Tools Framework actf
Agent Modeling Platform amp
Amalgamation amalgam
ATL m2m-atl
BPEL Designer [new] soa-bpel
Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT) birt
C/C++ Development Tooling (CDT) cdt
CDO Model Repository emf-cdo
Code Recommenders [new] recommenders
Data Tools Platform dtp
Dynamic Languages Toolkit dltk
Eclipse Communication Framework ecf
Eclipse Generation Factories (EGF) emft-egf
Eclipse Git Team Provider egit
Eclipse Gyrex Project gyrex
Eclipse Packaging Project none (na)
Eclipse Project ep
Eclipse Runtime Packaging Project rtp
Eclipse Scout scout
Eclipse Web Tools Platform Project webtools
EclipseLink Project eclipseLink
Ecore Tools emft-ecoretools
EMF emf-emf
EMF Compare emf-compare
EMF Facet emft-emffacet
EMF Query emf-query
EMF Query2 [new] emf-query2
EMF Transaction emf-transaction
EMF Validation emf-validation
Equinox equinox
Extended Editing Framework (EEF) emft-eef
Graphical Editing Framework (GEF) gef
Graphical Modeling Framework (GMF) Notation gmp-gmf-notation
Graphical Modeling Framework (GMF) Runtime gmp-gmf-runtime
Graphical Modeling Framework (GMF) Tooling gmp-gmf-tooling
Graphiti gmp-graphiti
Intent [new] mylyn-docs-intent
Java implementation of Git egit
Java Workflow Tooling jwt
Jetty - Servlet Engine and Http Server jetty
Jubula Functional Testing Tool jubula
Koneki koneki
Linux Tools linuxtools
Marketplace Client epp-mpc
Maven Integration m2e
MDT UML2 mdt-uml2
MDT XSD (XML Schema Definition) mdt-xsd
Memory Analyzer mat
Modeling Workflow Engine emft-mwe
MoDisco mdt-modisco
Mylyn mylyn
Mylyn Model Focusing Tools mft
Object Teams objectteams
OCL (Object Constraint Language) mdt-ocl
Orion [new] none (not in "repo")
Papyrus (MDT) mdt-papyrus
Parallel Tools Platform (PTP) ptp
PHP Development Tools pdt
QVT Operational m2m-qvtoml
Rich Ajax Platform rap
Riena Project riena (possibly leaving aggregation?)
Sapphire [new] sapphire
SCA Tools soa-sca
Subversive - SVN Team Provider subversive
Target Management tm
Virgo [new] coming in M6
WindowBuilder windowbuilder
Xpand m2t-xpand
Xtend [new] tmf-xtext
Xtext tmf-xtext
removed see bug 371425 dsdp-mjt
removed see bug 371425 emf-teneo
removed see bug 371425 emf-mint
removed see bug 371425 m2t-jet
to be removed (per Eric's note to Tools PMC list) tools-sequoyah
to be removed bug 370671 stp

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