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This is an informal page listing details for Java/JRE setup configurations required in Eclipse.


  • This page talks about Java15 in general but is applicable for other Java versions as well.
Feature / Steps Expected Result
The Pre-requisite: Java 15 JRE Support
Add Java 15 JRE Use Window -> Preferences-> Java -> Installed JREs -> Add...

[note: Eclipse -> Preferences in Mac / Window -> Preferences in Windows]

Java 15 JRE recognized as a valid JRE
Project JRE In Package Explorer Use project's context menu and add Java 15 JRE JRE specific (eg Object) gets resolved in the project.
Package Explorer Go to Package Explorer and expand the Java 15 JRE Modules (eg java.base etc) are listed in the package explorer view
The First Step: Java 15 Compliance
Set Project Compliance in Package Explorer Context Menu of Project -> Properties -> Set project-specific, drop down to 15


15 is shown in the drop down list.

A checkbox to enable preview features is available on the preference page.

Overview of eclipse.ini More details can be found on dedicated eclipse.ini page. Specifying the JVM in eclipse.ini

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