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JWT Tutorial Install

Installing the binaries

JWT can be downloaded from the update site. You need to have at least Eclipse 3.4.0 (for JWT 0.5.0) installed with Java 5.0 behind. JWT 0.6.0 requires Eclipse 3.5.0 (Galileo). Please select in your Eclipse „Help -> Software Updates _> Find and install … -> Search for new features to install -> Create a „New Remote Site“.

Enter as URL:

and select a name such as „Eclipse JWT“. You will be asked several questions and after finishing Eclipse restarts automatically. After Eclipse has been restarted, you should be able to create a new workflow model.

If you experience any problems, don’t hesitate to contact us on our newsgroup: or on the developer mailing list:

The wiki page JWT Downloads contains some additional information about installing JWT.

Getting the source code

To download the sourcecode from the various components of JWT, please connect in Eclipse with the following CVS directory:


Repository path: /cvsroot/technology

User: anonymous

Password: (none)

Connection type: pserver

If you have a committer account, please provide your committer data (username and password) and select as connection type extssh instead of pserver.

Additional information about downloading JWT from CVS can be found on Java Workflow Tooling CVS Info Page


For information about project resources like newsgroups oder bugzilla access, please visit our page at and the wiki at resources.

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