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JWT Release Engineering

JWT Ramp-Down-Policy

JWT Releases and Roadmaps

Available releases

  • JWT WE available on CVS - as of 2007/10/16
  • JWT WE 0.4 : released on 2008/03/03. Release review slides : Release Review slides , approved on 2008/02/27.
  • JWT WE 0.5 "Stabilization and Openness" (improvements of WE and bugfixes, UI extensions) : released on 2008/10/29. Release review slides , approved on 2008/10/29.

Upcoming releases

  • 0.6 JWT for Vendors (EMF aspects, completeness and consistency of extensions, first transformations) - aiming at the start of 2009
  • 0.7 JWT for SOA (more transformations, runtime APIs in WAM, service search UI, service applications model) - Spring 2009
  • 1.0 JWT for Users (With comprehensive testing and documentation,and one or more advised target workflow engine working as well) - aiming at Galileo timeline (May/June 2009)

JWT Releng

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