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JWT Meetings/Minutes10anuary20


  • Marc Dutoo
  • Florian Lautenbacher
  • Christian Saad


  • 4pm to 6pm


Helios Release

  • Try to include meta model changes if possible
  • Improvement of meta model as discussed in BugZilla
  • Extension of meta model for BPMN view (should be discussed on mailing list)
  • BPMN/BPMN2 view that includes important features of these standards probably after Helios

Aspect Repository

  • Idea from Marc
  • Collect and document all available aspects on a wiki page
  • Offer users the possibility to provide their own extensions for the community

EclipeCon Presentation

  • Talks: Meta model evolution (JWT as case study, converter)
  • Marc could help with script (e.g. good/bad practices)
  • Other input: Copy, DA:Wolf/Flo


  • Currently limited resources available at Open Wide
  • Augsburg University: Also limited resources, trying to involve students
  • Florian will possibly have some time to work on JWT at his new employer in a month or maybe not

Integration in SOA TLP

  • Currently: Transformation to STP-IM
  • Move Review: Create Slides (benefits for JWT/SOA)
  • Project lead change announcement in Move Review
  • Graduation Review should be done with Helios


  • Have a look at eBPM proposal
  • Improve website to make clear what JWT is for
  • Put information on additional integrators on website

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