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JWT Meetings/Minutes09October14


  • M. Dutoo
  • C. Saad
  • F. Lautenbacher


  • 4.10 to 5.20


Latest development for JWT v0.7

  • No telcos between August and now
  • Not much progress since then: converter still missing to be converted, make some testing
  • Florian can start working on it in November again, Marc still busy with projects probably until December; both focus on ESE-talk-preparation, Chris concerned mostly about release train now: but next or in two weeks he’ll have time to work on JWT again; Chris could make switch in the next week, tags everything before, talk about switch on the mailing list and newsgroup, afterwards work on the converter
  • JWT Desktop in its early stages right now

Presentation preparation for Eclipse Summit in Ludwigsburg : work planning, write a news on the website and in the newsgroup, outline, actual writing

  • Marc will come to the conf, presentation needs to be prepared
  • Marc will come up with a story line during train drive and will send an outline proposal as well as todos until Monday
  • Florian will refine it next week, send feedback and fill-ins before next Friday
  • Feature models or other Eclipse project: if anything can be found that is related to aspects, then mention it in our talk
  • Talk to Ed Merks whether something is similar: ToDo Marc
  • Talk to Kenn Hussey about new version of SMOF at OMG: ToDo Florian
  • Reuse samples of the code of JWT or use SEMPRO plugin during the presentation, check the code before
  • Last minute final changes can be done together face-to-face on Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning at the conference (talk Wednesday late afternoon)
  • Chris decides whether he will join us in Ludwigsburg, needs to ask boss first
  • When agenda has been put up, then talk about it on newsgroup and website infos, blog, etc.

Release train

  • JWT is on the release train for Helios
  • We were automatically added, need to clone the bugs for Helios; first milestone is M4 that is important for us
  • Chris is looking into details of release train, Florian will also have a closer look
  • The 0.7 release should additionally be done in December

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